Learning a programming language is usually an arduous and difficult task, but these are some of the reasons that will motivate you to learn Python.

Wide Spectrum Users

Python is a very versatile language that can serve you whether you are a researcher, data analyst or developer.

Huge community Developers

The community of developers in Python is very large, so the number of modules and libraries for Python is very extensive, all of them in open source with the possibility of being modified.

Big Data, Data Science, AI: Boom of Python

The new tools that have emerged, and that are exploited by data engineers and data scientists, have been developed in Python or offer us Python as the preferred way to interact with them.







What programming language would you recommend to new data scientists to learn first?

Kaggle Study

Source: Kaggle study, a platform for Machine Learning and Google's Data Science, in which he has carried out a study gathering information on the preferences of professionals in the sector.

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Course taught at the facilities of the Miguel Hernandez University

Vicente Galiano

Professor del Departamento de Física y Arquitectura de Computadores

Doctoral Thesis developed in 2006 with Python in the development of high-performance computing libraries on Python. Since then it uses python in different environments and applications.